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Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu!
Who: Sway, cameo by Sabretooth
When: Morning, January 1st
Where: undisclosed motel
What: Typical celebratory morning after...for the criminally insane
Warnings: kidnapping, implications of sex and violence

“Happy new yeah to you, Happy new yeah to me…” Sway sang choppy English words to the tune of “Happy Birthday” not knowing or caring for accuracy. Everything was right as it should be as far as she was concerned. She brought in the new year literally with a bang, thanks to her feral accomplice who now lay sleeping in the queen sized motel bed.

Anything in the room that was glass or fragile was broken; the walls and floor were littered with dents and cracks, speaking volumes of their tryst. Blood splattered on a trail to the most revealing sight of all: two bodies, a man and a woman, tied up, unconscious, sitting up against the wall near the door. Sway danced around them checking their pockets as she hummed her made-up tune. So far she came up with some loose change, gum, chapstick and both their wallets. She opened the woman’s wallet and read her driver’s license.
“Sah-lah. Gleen-feld.” Sway looked at her to compare her to the picture on the card. She wore too much makeup, the Japanese girl decided. Otherwise she was very pretty. Sway had spotted Sara Greenfield across the street from the motel and pointed her out to Creed like she was picking out a toy to play with. Sarah was then kidnapped invited, along with James Nader, who fatefully booked the room next door, to ring in the new year violent psychopath style.

Sway had gotten used to Creed’s fast healing and her knife happily became an extended appendage for a while. She had most of her fun with James and James was now dying of bloodloss.
Sarah stirred awake, hearing Michiko’s song. Immediately her eyes darted around for Creed. She thanked whoever she believed in that the man was still asleep in bed. He didn’t slice and dice as much as Michiko; he rather implied it, wanting to enjoy the full extent of their fear first. Sarah discovered there were worst things than physical mutilation. She began to whimper as she realized she was still trapped in this place, tied to a dying man she didn’t know but had been forced to do things with. “Please,” She looked up at Michiko, “Let us go. He’s dying.”
Michiko was busy gliding the chapstick across her lips. She noticed Sarah was awake, but ignored her. She belonged to Creed.
Speaking of which she cast her boring discoveries aside, humans quickly forgotten and went back to the bed to straddle the man who was twice her size. She knew he wasn’t sleeping because he was tired; the man had more stamina that all the people in the room combined. Maybe he was dreaming. Having a peaceful illusion all his own that was seldom allotted to creatures of violence. She lightly ran a hand across his chest, noting that all her marks were gone; the scratches, the bites, the cuts, the rope burns. It would be disappointing if it weren’t so fascinating. Her body however, displayed various bites, scratches and bruises that would be around for a little while, not that she minded. They healed. She was sore all over but that went away too. With a smirk, she rustled his long mane then rolled over to start gathering her things.

The humans would stay. Michiko figured the man could live long enough for the owner to find them and get help. If not, oh well, he wasn’t meant to be worth anything anyway. If Creed decided to do more with them, that was his business; she just made sure to gather anything that could lead authorities to their future whereabouts.
When Creed woke up, Sway would be gone. She’d miss him but she wasn’t concerned; if he wanted her again he’d easily track her down. Certain people needed killing and she’d wasted enough time already.

When all her things were gathered, Michiko looked at the humans and put a hand to her lips to shush them, pointing to Creed. She moved to the window, waving off the tragic scene. All the sudden, the small woman sang at the top of her lungs, “Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu!” Sarah looked in horror in Creed’s direction, while Michiko slipped out the window laughing. Things were looking up already in the new year.