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Jul. 18th, 2020

“Last call!” Jimmy called out. Bar time read 2 am. Seon knew what the real time was, and if he wanted to he’d stay longer and Jimmy wouldn’t bother him. He was alone tonight and even his usual fare of women who flirted with him and customers who bought from him tapered off early in the night. Something was off. The last few weeks his paranoia had escalated due to a series of unrelated bad events that felt somehow tied to him. His sister’s resort being vandalized. Why now? She’d done well all this time until he entered her life. Some major suppliers had suddenly backed off with sorry excuses. Seon figured whatever it was, they couldn’t stay away for long; the Rourkes still had the monopoly in all of Massachusetts. Even his buddy to get high with, Irisa, was scarce lately. No word from his father, and Jules was putting more pieces together about his life, which bothered him the most. Everything else he had a back-up plan for, but if Jules found his baggage too much to handle, then what would he do if she left? The last time a girl got him so tangled up, Seon O.D.ed, and it was that same girl that helped him through after. But Jess had been a Southie, she grew around these parts. Jules could go back to her world and Seon would be left for dead. It wasn’t a fun thought; he knew he was still capable of going over the edge.

Seon didn’t stay at Murphy’s Law. He headed home to his apartment in town. Jules wasn’t around that night, and business was slow so with no obligations, Seon did something he hadn’t done in a while; LSD. After nearly two months of not doing it(the time he’d been with Jules), Seon’s tolerance was gone. The trip started, and Seon quickly found his apartment too confining; he took a walk. Trips were always more fun when the view kept changing. Around this part of the neighborhood, people left you alone. Seon clung to walls and laughed and sighed at invisible things and no one batted an eye. He was seeing sounds, feeling colors. He stopped his drunken stroll as words suddenly appeared before him, dancing and glorious. “WeLl, LoOk WhO iT iS.” Seon reached out to touch the words and something hit him hard in the back of the head. It was a sharp feeling, it felt…orange. Seon crumpled to the ground.
“wE fOlLoWeD yOu AsShOle.”

“ReMeMbEr Me?” A tall dark handsome figure suddenly appeared, blocking Seon’s vision of the sounds. The face seemed familiar, but kept changing shape. Whenever it moved it melted then came back together again. Seon laughed.

Another hit to the face. This one was red. His nose suddenly felt blue and he could taste grey. “hOw AbOuT yoU sEe HoW iT fEeLs, hUh? tO bE tRiCkEd, BeAtEn, aNd HuMiLiAtEd. No one does that to me, do you fucking understand me?I lost a lot that night because of you.” Seon was struggling to keep his euphoria. The sounds were no longer bright and glorious, they were putrid green and dissolving. “You picked the wrong fucking guy. Hope she was worth it.” There were more hits. Something grabbed the front of his shirt and punched his face repeatedly while something else kicked his side and his legs. It caused nightmarish explosions of blue, red, orange and green.

A hard punch to the stomach and Seon sputtered and choked on grey before being let go. Figures moved back and Seon settled into the fetal position, gasping. The sound of his breath looked like rusted metal.

“Look at him, Carter, he’s fucking smashed. He doesn’t even know what’s going on. He won’t remember.” The handsome figure stepped forward and kneeled in front of Seon, studying him. “That’s alright, we’ll just have to do it again. Hey, Jake-…oh I mean Seon-, you know what’s sweeter than seeing you like this? Your sister’s pussy.” There were snickers all around. “And don’t worry, I’ll be there to keep her safe at night from all the scary robbers. You just keep wasting your life, alright?” He patted Seon harshly against the face, then stood up and joined his group. Seon slipped into unconsciousness, a welcome break from the nightmares.

Then he woke up again.

He opened his eyes to the light of early dawn and the first thing to hit him was nausea. He dry heaved for several seconds, causing pain to shoot through his entire body. What the hell happened? Where was he? Every muscle in his body ached, there was no real way of telling. And something as surely broken. Tears stung his eyes and he looked down to find blood against his chest and followed it with his hand up to his nose. There were vague flashes of memory: Murphy’s Law, Jimmy, his apartment, the street at night, dark ominous figures. A few words here and there: Humiliated…money…wrong guy…remember….your sister. Hannah. She was in danger. Seon wasn't exactly sure how or why but he had to get her safe. He had to get himself safe. With very awkward movements, he reached for his phone in his pocket. The last number he called the night before was easily the first number he dialed.